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AMBDLP14001 @DeckaJam #TotalJamNation

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Album: Total JamNation
Artist: DeckaJam
Genre: Bass Music/Electronic
Available: 28/07/14
CD Album: 27/07/14
Search: #totaljamnation
Includes Remixes: Afterglow – Craig Fury Remix, Point Of No Return (D.R.O.P.S Remix), All Of The Lights (Rocket Pimp remix)
Featured artists: Kevin Energy, Nick235, Voodoo Browne, NJC, Laura Bayston, Rhona Nolasco, Sarah Alexandra, Jones 2.0, Blake Anderson.
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Total JamNation is the debut album from DeckaJam, the UK’s most up-and-coming act for live bass music.

The Band

Renowned rave producers Kevin Energy and Nick235 are joined by a host of vocalists including Rhona Nolasco, Laura Bayston and Sarah Alexandra and hosted by the distinctive UK rapper, Voodoo Browne, other guest performers will appear from time to time.

The result is a genre-bending selection of tracks flexing from Progressive House to Pop, Dubstep to DnB which is bound to catch audiences unawares. As the headlining act at London’s O2 Academy, having stormed the dancefloor with their electrifying mix of the most upfront sounds in UK Bass music, DeckaJam were dubbed as “Ones To Watch” by Jar Music and have since been playing gigs up and down the UK.


DeckaJam draw the frantic first half of 2014 to a close with a main stage performance at Volksfest in Plymouth and prepare for an upcoming summer season which includes sets at UKP Music Festival in Sittingbourne and the massive United Festival in London’s Finsbury Park.

Be prepared for Total JamNation.

Words by Nathan Rust Esq

Deckajam band members

Synths/Bass/Riffs: Kevin Energy
Guitar/Synths: Nick235
Vocalists: Laura Bayston, Rhona Nolasco, Sarah Alexandra
Live Violin: Sarah Alexandra
Hosted by: Voodoo Browne
Drums/Breaks: Will Spurling
Live Mix: NJC

Title: TJN (Producer Sample Kits)
Featured: DeckaJam, NJC, Craig Fury, DJD
Genre: Various
Published: 08/08/14
Really cool selection of Kicks, Snares, Bass’s, Leads, FX and much more from 4 producers featured on the DeckaJam ‘Total JamNation’ album campaign, including the remix EP.

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DeckaJam - We Don't Care

EP: We Don’t Care (Remix EP)
Artist: DeckaJam
Remixers: DJD, NJC, Light Work
Genre: UKG/Dubstep/Electro Pop
Available: 14/07/14
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