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Mackadena – Consciousness of Hiphop

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Album: Consciousness of HipHop
Artist: Mackadena
FT: MC Fats, Crow Magnum, MC Random, Tymon Dean, A Sides, Apackalips, Paco Swartz, Th’Acquisition and N.O.Y.
Genre: HipHop
Available: 02/09/2013
CD Album: 02/09/2013 (Buy CD)

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We’re proud to introduce the album ‘Consciousness of Hiphop’ from Dutch Hip Hop producer Mackadena. Featuring guest appearances from a whole selection of artists including production collaborations with London / Miami based DnB don A Sides – vocals from MC (Singing) Fats and a number of tracks featuring affiliates of the infamous Area-51 Crew (LA): MC Random – Apakalips, Crow Magnum, Tymon Dean, N.O.Y., Paco Swartz, Unkle Gundee, Poseydon, Jizzm, J-Sonic MC…..

‘Consciousness of Hiphop,’ the latest album from Mackadena, is a definitive collection of tracks that span the career of the Rotterdam producer. Featuring homegrown tracks alongside LA cuts and UK collaborations, ‘Consciousness of Hiphop’ travels back and forth between brand new sounds and earlier releases revamped and repackaged into one compilation.

‘COHH’ combines the unique production and beats composition style of Mackadena with musical ventures featuring lyricists of the infamous Area-51 crew, MC Random, Apakalips, Crow Magnum, Tymon Dean, N.O.Y, Paco Swartz, Unkle Gundee, Poseydon, Jizzm, J-Sonic MC and legendary producer DJ Broadway from the Los Angeles’ Hiphop underground and the UK’s own MC Fats and DJ A Sides.

The purpose of the Consciousness of Hiphop compilation is to cultivate the lyrical and musical style of authentic boombap Hiphop and to preserve the genre’s roots for new listeners. After many changes in the scene across the world original hip-hop ideas get misrepresented and we can’t afford losing touch with the consciousness of Hiphop.

In the words of KRS-One “Be the thing’s you are thinking…And if you don’t wanna be what you are thinking, Stop thinking it…Instead of reading the word of Christ, Be the word of Christ…Instead of following God’s word, Be God’s word…That’s the Consciousness of Hiphop…You are not just doing Hiphop…You are Hiphop”

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Artist: Mackadena & MC Random
Title: Fantastic Adventures of Macktacular & Randiculous
Original Release date: Spring 2012
Label: Raptalk Records (USA)
Format: 320kbps MP3 (

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To launch the release of the ‘Consciousness of Hiphop’ album, Mackadena is giving away the ‘Fantastic Adventures of Macktacular and Randiculous’ album from his back catalogue for free. If you want it, grab it quick as the link will expire when the COHH album goes live on 02/09/13. Download courtesy of Raptalk Records (USA)

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