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Nicholas Knatchbull aka Deep N Beeper


Sub Oceanic Fibre Optic Comms 001
Tetrahadron Bomb


Deep N Beeper is Nicholas Knatchbull (aka 5D) and technology, the technology having the moniker Beeper, from the “beeping” sounds synthesizers can produce.

He was first introduced to proper dance music at an underground rave in Peckham in 1998. Hooked on the vibe and music, he spent many many weekends lost in maze-like warehouses all around the capital interspersed with some visits to forests and fields and grew to have a very prominent place in his heart for the intense heavy grooves and deep soundscapes of the music at the time, especially bass driven music.

Attending parties religiously for the next 20 years and studying music technology and sound design, moving into production seemed a logical step.

His sound is described as very futurist and alot of his soundscapes feel like they belong in dystopian sci-fi films set in the distant future, interspersed with some accessible chilled vibes too.

Expect much more over the next few decades as his dedication and obsession is not likely to end soon.

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