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A Girl and Her Gun

Along with the actual film and main single we have these sonic delights for those of you wanting something a little different to listen to. Enter DJ Lok, Deep N Beeper and NJC all bringing a slightly different approach to the original.

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“Underground music scene collides with gritty world of indie movies in Drum & Bass mix-mastery”
“Daring music video to be released alongside award-winning short film – October 2016!

How did it start?

Towards the end of 2015 Bristolian film-makers ‘Shunk Films’ (Paul Holbrook & Sam Dawe, www.shunkfilms.co.uk) began production on a gritty short film titled ‘A Girl and Her Gun’ and managed to cast multi-talented, distinguished actress/vocalist & Top-liner Laura Bayston in a critical role. This would turn out to be the first step on a creative yellow-brick-road that would lead the collaboration all the way from the vibrant world of the Bristol movie-making scene to the formidable underground music arenas of Manchester.

Inspired by the source material Bayston teamed up with Adam Peck and Mike Fitton of Drum & Bass duo Altered States and together they hit the studio hard and produced a heavy D&B track of the same name ‘A Girl and Her Gun’ the record was born and it was big!

The Cast and Film

The short film itself soon began to fill its principle cast which by now also included Bristol’s own star attraction Joe Sims (Broadchurch, Beowulf) who would be starring alongside Bayston and the excitement surrounding the project intensified as a result. Things were happening for the team and Shunk moved full steam ahead into principal photography towards the end of 2015 with the production wrapping a few weeks later enveloped by an amplified buzz around the Bristol indie scene – people were taking notice.

With the down time that post-production can bring, the deluge of support and encouragement for Laura’s track (which is also used in the film) and the buzz surrounding the film itself reanimated the creative juices and with plenty left in the tank a further collaboration was born.

The plot thickens…

Matthew Steggles of Blue Cedar Films and Sam Morgan Moore of Framedogs, both involved in the making of the short film, threw their hat into the ring when Ambiel Music decided a music video was needed to really sell the narrative behind the track. With the break-neck music as their guide the guys set about creating a music video to really set Altered States VS Laura Bayston alight – and they did. Constructing a music video that hits the gritty chords of the short film, whilst matching the energy and excitement of the track. A mis-match made in heaven (and by heaven I mean the sticky floored, dingy dive-clubs of both Bristol and Manchester’s thriving underground dance scene of course!).

East, West and North

As a result of the creative blood flow that runs all the way from Bristol to Manchester. The collaboration has been inspired to produce not only a short film, not only a banging D&B track but a rocking music video to seal the deal. 2016 promises to be a big deal for all involved and promises to keep the collaborative journey ticking along. Who knows what’s next for the creatives; but when you have this much flair flowing across multiple platforms you can guarantee one thing – progressive, fun, hard-hitting and gritty content that sticks two fingers up to the play-safe havens of Hollywood and the Uk pop charts. This stuff is real.