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Bagua - The Decadent Futurists

The Decadent Futurists is the electronic outpourings of south coast based singer/songwriter Drew Flanagan. An introductory collaboration with Blox from 2014, in the form of “Twiggy and The Gorilla Zombie”, saw Flanagan shed his rock ‘n’ roll roots and start to explore his darker electro side. A firm favourite with BBC Introducing, Flanagan is now armed with an arsenal of tunes and ready to make waves with his unique vocal style and acute sense of melody.

‘Bagua’, the first single from The Decadent Futurists in over a year, is a hedonistic trip laced with twisted synth lines and a mantra like chorus. “The bagua are the eight fundamental principles of reality in Chinese cosmology” says Flanagan.

“I needed a name to save the track as when it was in it’s early demo stage, so I went over to my book shelf and randomly selected a book and opened a page and there it was, ‘Bagua’. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, I just thought it was a cool sounding word. But it wasn’t until I started researching the meaning that I thought this could work as a concept for the tune. So I started to think about what my reality is and came to the conclusion that I live to make music. So I suppose ‘Bagua’ is an ode to music and how it makes us all feel.”

Written by Nathan Rust Esq