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Cyclone EP

Following his first EP, “Zebra Crossing”, Deep ‘N’ Beeper returns to Ambiel Music with his latest offering, “Cyclone”.

About the release

The EP kicks off with the title track, which exemplifies the Deep ‘N’ Beeper sound of sinister squeaks and bleeps, jagged beats, and shadowy bass.

“100 Zeroes”, the EP’s second track, builds on the dark tone, with a warbling, windblown bass and a muttered vocal sample.

The EP culminates with two remixes of “Cyclone”. The first, Nick235’s remix, revolves through a desolate soundscape of abstract voices. The EP climaxes with the Infernal Machine remix, which introduces breakcore to the mix, four-kick bass interspersed with jungle drum fills and wailing, white-noise FX.