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Dubception EP

Deeps Modus operandi Combines dark ethereal soundscapes with cinematic Science fi elements. Dubception takes you to his all together new creative alliance of sound and visual art. Expect new material at various junctures over the next few months when planets align and the coding says proceed :]


Dubception EP starts with the title track Dubception.

This is a techie upbeat interpretation of dubstep and has a very danceable rhythmic groove. It was released with a video from 5DN, Deep N Beeper’s video production alias featuring the In A Box dancers, glitched out and sharply edited.

Next up is Tang featuring ZarZar. Zarzar are a two piece female production team and friends of Deep N Beeper. After a night up on Sake, they turned to recording a coke bottle in a jug full of water (which had been used to keep the sake warm) and the ensuing track is a mindbending journey of experimental DNB featuring the voices of ZarZar, the recordings and processed samples from Deep N Beeper’s eclectic library.

Track 3 is Rocksteady Fuzz, a blend of sparse “game of tennis” percussion and a deeply fuzzy bassline.

Finally Deep N Beeper teamed up with Ambiel’s indomitable Nick 235 to produce a unique piece of sonic architecture which has to be heard to be understood.

Getting to know...

Deep N Beeper

Q: Sum yourself up in 5 words

A : “Always likes to go deep!”