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Fade To White Light

“The Beat Just Different”


A quote from Zoo Keeper describing the new Deep N Beeper release which sums up the Riddims at work here simply and eloquently.

Deeps dark rumbling signature production skills are at the fore front of this release providing Zoo Keeper the twisted soundscapes needed to intwine his unique lyricism and flow.

Evoking dog fights and the streets of Brixton, fossil fuels and dystopian machine infused realities, Zoo Keeper is the perfect partner in crime for Deeps latest trip to his Sci-fi tainted creative dark side.

The second track on this release being an Instrumental version of Fade to Light allows Deeps industrialised breaks, rumbling subs and off kilter rhythms to run amok both terrifying and hypnotic in equal measure.

This release, through a non formulaic recipe shows just what can be done when lyricists and producers combine on a dark night.