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Going Deep

For this release Deep N Beeper teams up again with his muse Paranoid Angel and ABH Beatbox. He met ABH outside Shepherd's Bush tube where he was busking. Instantly recognizing a rare talent in this arena they got talking and later after ABH had checked Deep N Beeper's productions on Soundcloud they decided to collaborate on this release Going Deep.

Track one starts with one of Deep N Paranoid’s signature haunting melodies. Then in comes ABH with his unique beatbox flavours. As the track continues they interweave the beatboxing with Deep N Paranoid’s production and FX to the point where you can’t tell where one begins and the other ends. Later ABH brings out some of his signature synth noises which you will struggle to believe come out of his mouth!!!

Then comes Deeper & Deeper where this time Deep N Paranoid take you into some naughty 140 business. With deep bass, trippy synth lines and tidy but intricate percussion this track will meander back and forth through your brain like an errant revelation! ABH hammers through the middle of the track delivering his breed of vocal beats on point once again.

Finally comes Chess Moves from Heaven, an extra chilled melodic end to this release. Deep N ABH take more of a back-seat here, whilst Paranoid Angel brings together many separate melodies into a beautiful, chilled sound-scape ideal to bring one down from stress any day of the week or especially the weekend.

Feat ABH Beatbox