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If You Believe In Us

Polar Bears Can Dance bringing the summer vibe with this collaborative EP of productions from his newest works to date.

1. Serious (03:59)
2. Light and Sound (03:09)
3. Rhythm and Bones (03:28)
4. Planets (04:22)
5. Tigers (03:36)
6. Understand This (02:43)
7. Black Magic ft Cosha Don (03:33)



Written, Performed and Recorded : Jimmy Hickmott
Producer / Mix Engineer : NJC
Rappers / Vocalists : Cosha Don, Islay Newnham
Planets is a remix of original composition by Nicholas Warrell
Black Magic ft Cosha Don – NJC Remix

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About this release

Polar Bears Can Dance is all about collaborations with lead Polar Bear, London producer, DJ and musician Jimmy Hickmott. Collaborators include singer Islay Newnham, Nick235, NJC, Cosha Don and Heroes of Popular Science.

After releasing an eclectic folk pop record ‘Nice Try Sunshine’ which God Is In The TV Zine called “Bright, perky and tuneful – A tender foot stomping slice of late summertime folk-pop that’s literate soulfulness is redolent of the likes of The Housemartins”, Jimmy created Polar Bears Can Dance to work with other people and take his sound in a new creative direction with new label Ambiel Records.

PBCD and the new EP ‘If You Believe In Us’ is an eclectic mixture of indie synth pop, unafraid to veer off the beaten path and take in other genres whilst always remaining upbeat, positive and sticking to the mission statement, music to make you dance and feel good.

Collaborating also extends to the diverse and creative videos produced by PBCD, working with the likes of cinematographer Shaun Grimsley, live video artist Nikolai Kozin and even English National Ballet students for the yet to be released video for ‘Tigers ft.Nick 235’.

  • “Amazing track after track…dynamite” – Radio Kaos Caribou
  • “We love it” – Synthpop lover
  • “Makes you feel good – now dancing!” – Indie Pop-Ups
  • “We love it!!” – TEEZ FM

Polar Bears Can Dance

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NJC & Cosha Don Mix

NJC teams up with Cosha Don to create this alternative flavour on the original flip of this record. Bringing a HipHop vibe and showcasing the vocal wordplay of this emerging UK rapper, Cosha Don has his debut album dropping very soon on Ambiel so this is a sneak preview of this lyricist at work.