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If You Believe In Us Remixed

PBCD recent remix of another Ambiel artist has also received a lot of support from pinnacle DJ’s like Doc Scott jumping on board to support his sound. Jimmy is getting a name for his quirky, happy-go-lucky productions and its clear that his latest bundle of goodness is set to turn heads once again.

Polar Bears Can Dance is the production, recording and DJ pseudonym of Jimmy Hickmott. This EP is a selection of his original tunes remixed by a complex and groundbreaking group of artists.

First off, John Chambers opens up this eclectic release bundle with his reimagining of Serious and ode to the funk classics of yesteryear. John’s remix proves that Polar Bears Can Dance to disco with arpeggiated synths and liquid funk grooves.

Oxynucid brings laid back breakbeat with luxurious pads and synth vibes building around the original PBCD track, Light and Sound. This results in euphoric ambience coupled with a squelchy bass line and melancholic reflection.

Next up sees PBCD reworking his own track, Understand This, where he sets a different tone to his catchy acoustic original. Playful elements and toylike melodies pulse and combine to lull the listener in and create a sonic painting of day glow audible joy.

Amy McKnight is an underground producer and all round creative who is set to make MASSIVE waves in 2016 and with her remix of Serious, the original is transported into a fresh new playground of synth riffs with smooth electro swagger. Orbital invoking bleeps and blips interspersed with a solid bass line carries the vocal hook to an altogether more refined audio assault with an urban feel good factor.

For his second remix, Oxynucid takes PBCD’s track Understand This and moulds the original vocals into a slice of synth driven hard electronica. Warm subs and double-time percussion contrast nicely with the cold tone of the lyrical hook and measured vocal delivery. Oxynucid takes the original to a completely different place.

DJ LoK provides a classic DnB take on the original with the hard stepping Amen break kicking off a gnarly roller of a track. Minimalist in approach, this track goes to show the power of a simple bass laden, driving floor filler from the golden days of Jungle’s past. Using that classic drum sample combined with PBCD’s Rhythm and Bones track, LoK has managed to make a proper tune.

Grab some free goodness from the man himself via his soundcloud!