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Lose Your Mind

“Lose Your Mind” is the latest release from Sarah Alexandra.

Flawless OrderMassive DJ support on the Flawless Order mix:

DJ Kanga, DJ Shox, DJ James Lee, DJ JayJay, DJ Ob1 , DJ Outbreak, DJ Freeza Chin, DJ Syd, DJ Shylo, CellarDore, DJ Anthony G, DJ Frighty, DJ Natch, DJ Captain Rosco, Mr Rumble, DJ Fenn, DJ Brite, DJ Selecta, DJ EZ, DJ Paul Rags, DJ Cardiac, DJ Reebz, DJ E1D, DJ Complex, DJ Foster, DJ Lolly, DJ Sweeney Todd, DJ Faze, Dj Impact, DJ Cartier

About the release

Following from debut single “Frozen Nightmare”, this EP’s opening track, “Lose Your Mind (Original Mix)”, highlights writer/performer Sarah Alexandra’s style of fluttering vocal harmonies backed by melodious violin.

The first remix features the influence of Sarah’s band mates, renowned rave producers Kevin Energy and Nick 235, who inject a bouncing bassline for Sarah’s vocal to spring from. Following a string of festival appearances, DeckaJam’s remix of “Lose Your Mind” exemplifies the vibe of their floor-filling live shows.

“Lose Your Mind” features two remixes from high-profile names in the UK garage scene. Flawless Order’s remix takes the track in a new direction, introducing 2-step beats and bass and a classic garage edit of the original vocal. Woozee’s edit highlights the original, allowing Sarah’s voice and violin to build before dropping into a four-kick bounce with old-skool piano.