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One Drop Or Two?

One Drop Or Two see’s Deep n Beeper surfacing from the dark hole he has been beavering away in as he ventures off into pastures new.

Setting to work on a slightly less Intense but no less twisted release, some Deep.


Piano melodies ride a crest of sporadic Beat patterns and a rhythmic song structure is born of the evolving under belly. This underworld slowly envelope’s the piano laced proceedings bringing to the mind’s eye images of tortured souls and melancholic depth. Intertwined and slowly changing melodies coupled with drifting reverbs and Deeps attention to detail in the mix leads to this intriguing Deep release.


Next up is the Open Eye remix of One Drop Or Two?

Sinister yet uplifting in direction, the intro builds steadily utilising crunchy breaks and the requisite gnarliness required in any Deep track. Once the Drum N Bass drop rolls out atop of smooth subs and warbling riffs, the track flows to an emotive coupling of sample use and piano melody.


Integrating rolling beats with trademark Beeper bleep’s and industrialised samples offers a new take on this off the beaten path release.

The final track First Came DNA then Came DNB is sombre in nature and fuses an eerie atmosphere with glitches and finally emerges from the ambient ooze like a genre based life forming in a primal soundscape.