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Organised Grime EP

Safe As Milk returns with a variety of new directions and styles.

First up is the title track Organized Grime (Islington Remix). With a chugging main groove and interesting percussion this track is a slow trippy creeper. The bassline is deep and techy and the track continues with building layers and simple harmony. Nice sound design also abound, the breakdown shows Safe As Milk can take you on a synth tweaking journey!

Next up is Electric XS. Interesting, “sexy” vocal FX percolate this minimal groover. The first breakdown is simple but the second leads to a perfectly crafted acidsynth which builds slowly and brings the tune together.

Next is Fat Controller (Stay Up For a Fortnight Mix), which starts with funky percussion and drums, layered with a nicely rhythmic bassline. The synth which comes next is straight from the sci-fi arena, finally building to a dirty conclusion sounding like it’s borrowed from his drum and bass alias.

Not All There starts minimal and is filled with original sounding percussion and fizzling synth FX. With a moody bassline this track goes off in the breakdown with what sounds like a UFO taking off. First it struggles to fly, then the sound cleans as the “UFO” disappears above the clouds. More dirt ensues after this and interesting but simple melodic variety.

Finally is Pitch Black a track which is close to classical music in structure but with much dystopian feeling and a bassline you will feel rather than hear. Subtlety in the sound design is apparent and combines with less subtle raging sounds to complete this EP.