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The Return Of The Big Boss

Return Of The Big Boss

Return Of The Big Boss

Return Of The Big Boss is the second studio album from Martin Byrne aka The Big Boss.

The Return Of The Big Boss is the 2nd album from Macclesfield based artist The Big Boss. After a 15 year gap between writing and releasing the debut album “Good Bad But Not Evil” the process for The Return Of The Big Boss has been much shorter. Written over the last 2 years, the sound and feel has kept forward bringing The Big Boss fully up to date. Described as “Leftfield meeting Martin Garrix and kicking him about a bit” there are elements of many dance genres that make up what is an original palette that only The Big Boss paints with. You can hear The Chems, Vitalic, Daft Punk, Zero 7 and even a little bit of Sphongle and Blondie in the (re)mix.

The album is founded off with a collaboration with Japanese artists Getnoise@ and features the hauntingly beautiful vocals of Kusayou. Sounding like Death In Vegas having pre-dinner drinks with John Murphy while a Screamadelica remix of Portishead plays in the background, this track was only supposed to be a bonus track for those that backed the successful crowd fund campaign for the album but such is the richness of the track, it had to go on the album.

The Big Boss is once again released on Ambiel, an independent label based in Ipswich under the guidance and watchful eye of Ambiel supremo and resident production genius Nat Clarkson. Himself coming though a particularly difficult period of his life having just been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome and fighting through the shitstorm that ensued to get back in the saddle and keep on doing what he does best.

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