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Sub Oceanic Fibre Optic Comms 001

Sub Oceanic Fibre Optic Comms 001

“Sub Oceanic Fibre Optic Comms 001” is the first collaborative EP from Deep N Beeper and Otherself. These artists are cousins who live across the Atlantic from each other (Deep N Beeper in the suburbs of Southampton, UK and Otherself in Chicago, USA) and rarely get to see each other face to face. They both have a great love of electronic music, sound-design and modular synthesis and decided to team up on this project where they both make a track, then send the track under the Atlantic for the other to remix, making 4 tracks for the EP.

The EP kicks off with Deep N Beeper’s “Every Life Comes With A Death Sentence”. It kicks off with some epic psychedelic sound-design, punctuated with samples from Breaking Bad. When it drops the bass is low and growling, the percussion sparse, and the FX very interesting indeed. The track builds and builds really smashing your ears and brain about in a surprisingly pleasant manner!

Next is Otherself’s remix of “Every Life Comes With A Death Sentence”. Otherself has taken the vocal samples and tripped them out even more, often they are unintelligible but used as glitchy FX. The bassline has been altered but pumps just as hard. The arrangement is more trance-like but utilising a breakbeat keeps it gully!

Next we are greeted with Otherself’s track “Assembler”. This is less straight forward bass-music and has a more chilled electronica vibe to it. The sound-design is tight and the percussion exciting and innovative, whilst the melody of the bassline and other elements play very well off each other. All in all a solid offering from Otherself.

Finally we are greeted with Deep N Beeper’s remix of “Assembler”. Thumping bass and kicks and crispy percussion introduce the affair, whilst the original synth and melody floats above. The track drops and we have many glitch and hard synth sounds to keep us happy. After the breakdown more of the original track’s melodic elements are introduced to bring us to the EP’s conclusion.

“SOC is the first instalment of a cross-Atlantic collaboration between Nick (Deep N Beeper) and I. The name is inspired by the telecommunication infrastructure that empowers us to work together. We had talked about working on a project together for a few years but never got around to it until now. It is deep, dark and abstract. I think what makes SOC cool is the combination of our different styles with a mutual respect for the underground and unconventional. My goal for this release was to make something rhythmically off-putting with organic, original sound design. I hope we are able to offer the listener something they haven’t heard before. It will be exciting to see the SOCs evolve as we continue to work together” Otherself