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Deep N Beeper has been making music for about 20 years although only more recently under this artist name. This is his first ever album in that time and boy it’s a beast. He has never really been locked into one genre for any length of time and this shows on this release. All the tracks are laced with his signature sonic stylings and inventive arrangement, but the range of different sounds is immense. From ambient soundscapes, chilled trip-hop and ethereal sci-fi mood setters to pumping 140 grooves, deep binaural experimentation and dance music inspired but far more trippier compositions.

The playing order is interesting too as it starts calmer and slowly builds to a more esoteric crescendo winding down again at the end. He has started exploring different ways of production and you can hear this from start to finish. There are more actual instruments in this release and some clever and interesting sampling. He is not alone either. Whether the sublime piano playing and co-production from Paranoid Angel or the voice and harmonica from the indomitable Jerry Tremaine (JT), a musician with a lifetime’s soul and practice. He also joins Damage, a superb spoken-word poet, by MCing with Paranoid Angel, as Onepacman and The Paranaut respectively. This is on the track Collateral Damage which is a superb and on the nose critique of the times we live in. Near the beginning Ambre sooths us on a trip-hop tip with her dulcet French tones with lyrics about having a “Snooze with You”. Also the Pirate sets the tone early with some genius sampling on Deep And Tomorrowland. We also have the gravely tones of Bobby Dangler much later on, some inspiring progressive folk guitar from Earl S and the sci-fi return of The 5D-Droid (when Deep N Beeper gets the computer to MC) on the Holiest Hole remix.

All in all it’s a hefty debut album clocking in at 2.6 hours. Be prepared to journey from certain classic emotive feelings to a “What is going on right now?” state of mind and back as he bends and warps standard music theory structure and rules, not to breaking point but to an interesting mind zone where some really interesting things come alive.