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The Mathematician

Firm and Steady but Off Kilter, Unsettling but Familiar, Melodic and Heavy are a few ways in which Deep N Beepers latest release, The Mathematician could be described.

Numbers, Digits and Numerals, they encode the Universe and provide many a student sleepless nights in the furthering of education and they are also something which has fired Deeps creativity off into this sample laden little number.

In a cold calculating rumbling grumbler of a track interwoven with Gnarly numerical spoken vibes, Deep flows and bubbles with his usual unique groove and sound.

Next up, Dirty Bass is a Deep N Beeper remix of fellow Ambiel artists DeckaJam’s and Jasmine Knight’s track of the same name.

With Deep taking the track off into his subterranean dark and dirty territory, Jasmine’s hypnotic vocals lock down a city infused edge, warmth and focus, also providing a counter balance to Deeps harsher depth and grit.

We calculate you will number these among your favourites before too long.