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Hi, first off, give us a little introduction as to who you are and how you first came into the world of production and sound manipulation and how did you first discover Deep N Beeper?

"We are Nightmare & Oni from Croydon, we love BASS! 

We’ve been producing and DJing for over 15 years and became a duo through a love of producing music using the game ‘Music,’ (on original Playstation) , Fruity Loops and mixing grime and drum & bass on vinyl on belt drive turntables! 

We played at a Renegade Hardware night in Brixton a few years back which is where we first met Deep N Beeper, we’ve been friends ever since! "

Deep N Beeper has dropped a formidable array of genre busting releases through Ambiel Music over the last few years. Over this period, various underground producers and fellow artists have felt compelled to take Deeps concepts off into varying territories and formulate sounds of their own devising using his unique building blocks.

From sub rumbling Drum N Bass, off kilter alternative to Dubstep and more experimental avenues, Deeps sound has been mangled and reconstructed into some Gargantuan soundscapes with some of the producers creating multiple mixes. Nightmare & Oni drop us into a massive ambient abyss right from the word go and proceedings get all the more intriguing from her one in.

OM3GA and Beeba follow things up with two playful reimaginings of both The Mathematician and Rocksteady Fuzz, Beeba’s cultivating a lo-fi swing shuffle while the OM3GA concentrates more on a sample led Hip Hop composition. Next up the ethereal, hypnotic and sinister melodies of Carpe Diem interlace with the rugged nature of Zookeepers raw lyricism over Diems trademark Steamrolling production to create a truly cataclysmic sound clash. Darkly atmospheric Jungle is the name of the day next with Sweet Pea’s banging reworking of The Beast and this is nicely countered by the more off kilter sporadic musings of Paranoid Angel and Deep N Beeper himself with their Wounded Sky remix. Musicality and minimalism blending effortlessly. Pao then grabs the Deep baton and regains the experimental industrial ambience of Deeps signature sound whilst whisking it off into the ether via the medium of big crunchy drum textures and spiralling tonal effects.

Minimalist smooth Dubstep grooves provide the basis for Atmosf3ar’s Remix of No Rules and this vibe is also in effect for Cid Poitiers sparse but intense Drum N Bass version of Tang ft Zar zar.

Next to the fold NJC stamps his authority over his reworking of Rocksteady Fuzz with an incessant urgency, driving beats and insane production, propelling Deeps sound down a slightly more dance floor filler, sub infused avenue.

Never Not Broken lays out a subterranean soundscape complete with unique rhythmic signatures all of its own displaying and utilising undertones of malevolence and doom. Throughout this project, Deep N Beeper has also offered up a few reworkings of his own original mixes including The Wounded Sky and The Church of Nick proving that a project is rarely ‘signed off’ with this artist.

OM3GA’s second mashup of Tang ft Zar zar follows on swiftly with head nodding swagger straight from the streets coupled with tones and bleeps sourced from Deep within the Beeper catalogue. Jerry Tremaine and Deep N Beeper then align for a storming one time rendition of minimal industrialised crunch in their tag team version of The Beast. Tying up the loose ends to this Juggernaut of an Album are Time Game (Kyma’s Journey remix) which is an uplifting club track about as far removed from the original as is possible, Nick 235 and his Rocksteady Fuzz remix which evokes, essentially, running amok in a mind altering experimental Jungle domain and finally, one last revisit from Deep playing us out with the Church of Nick.

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