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“Transcendence” is the first release by James Kitcher with Ambiel Music.

About the single

Since his debut release – “Surge” on Abstract Records – James Kitcher has developed an uplifting trance sound that has lifted him up and beyond the hard-dance style of his earliest releases.

“Transcendence”, a double-single release, begins with “Call of the Seraphim”; the track begins with a heavy kick and warbling synth-bass that builds to a climax, summoning an angelic vocal breakdown, and rebuilds with psy-ish squeaks and breaks. “Distant Dawn”, the second track, darkens the tone; the seraphic vocal backing hovers alongside a synth’s squeaking flutter, and, after an epic breakdown, lone voices call into a doom-laden crescendo.

James Kitcher’s other aliases include K.i – whose progressive trance is also gaining interest – and other guises which focus on hard-dance and drum and bass.