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Wake Up

‘I am a dead people’s detective’, says sound and visual artist Bridget Muir who records and produces as Anderson. ‘I focus on the more hidden details of a persons life, the heartbreaks, the disappointments, the theft, then I try and work out what happened to them’. Anderson is an artist with unquantifiable energy and crafts intriguing sound entities which defy pigeonholes and have floated effortlessly between Hip Hop, Electro, Pop and Rock.

A singer songwriter born of a diverse and musical family, she was introduced to large swathes of both music and visual art in her youth ranging from Eartha Kit to Alfred Hitchcock, Annie Lennox to Tim Burton and many more mavericks and prophets besides. Later influences include Portishead, Prince, Attack of the 50ft woman, Sesame Street and Roman Polanski. Such a broad foundation has led to many creative avenues on her evolutionary journey and exploration of Anderson as an artist.

This artistic path has seen such endeavours as stints on Pirate Radio, working as a Marilyn-On-Acid-Sing-O-Gram and leaving early demos via the medium of Fisher-price recordings on Hip Hop moguls desks……daily.

It is this melting pot of influences and experiences that drives Anderson today.

In drawing on many aspects of the Arts, Culture and society in general, Anderson likes to Wake listeners up from the normal, sometimes limited parameters of popular music.

Harnessing and cultivating these early influences has fuelled Anderson’s latest single Wake Up.

Edgy, dark, melodic and powerful in many senses, yet maintaining a distinctly approachable pop essence.

Solid grooves fused with urban production values, infectious driving bass grooves and a lyrical message that many listeners can relate to, Wake Up is a deft chunk of new age pop from an artist who encapsulates Past, Present and Future.