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Zealous Shield

The album has been visualised by Illustrator and designer Natty Art UK aka Nathaniel Goulborne. Natty spent several months drawing the characters and scenes after hearing coshas album whilst it was being produced at the Ambiel studios with producer NJC. Natty presented the first sketch and the guys were shook with how powerful the imagery was, so soon later Natty then finished the four main pictures featured below.

Zealous Shield – Who is Cosha Don?

Cosha Don is a UK based Hip Hop artist and lyricist. During the mid 90s Cosha Don aka Sean Foster started rocking mics at the tender age of 11 whilst collaborating with the Ipswich based HipHop collective Don Con aka Don Congregation. Regularly sneaked through fire doors to get his slot in the DC sets, this young MC started his career sharing stages with the likes of Blak Twang, The Arsonists, Skinnyman, Rodney P and many more.

It was these early years where he developed and nurtured his art-form with the guidance of the other members of the DC crew, including the likes of long time producer NJC (Ambiel) Krie aka Krie-ator (Don Wear Clothing) and partner in rhyme Voodoo Browne.

For the last 15 years Cosha has stuck true to his art and continued to develop his style, keeping it real to his musical roots. Expect straight up Hip Hop, Lyrical word-play and credible flows.

Cosha gives the listener tales about post apocalyptic worlds that have demented beings on attack, whilst calmly addressing real-life issues that have entered his own life. We guarantee anyone with a real taste for wordplay and lyricism will know this album cuts way above most in this current era of mic saturation.

With a diverse roll call, this album knocks hard, with vocal collabos from Black Chronicle & Voodoo Browne and heavyweight beats from Beat Butcher, NJC aka Carpe Diem, IGNEXUS, Deadpoole, HellzEcho, DJ Destruction and many more….

Time to listen. Zealous Shield has landed.