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About Ambiel Music

Ambiel Music is headed up by NJC aka Nathaniel James Clarkson, a multi-genre music producer and composer based in the UK with a 20 year history of making music and helping artists reach their potential. NJC started this venture in 2007 after struggling to find an outlet for his very different and non-genre specific sound.

The ethos behind the label is providing the ability for an artist/band/singer to be focussed on the artistic space that person needs to be truly creative. There are no rules and no expectations other than to be yourself and create.

Representing People!

AM have always been a record label of diversity. AM have always supported and worked with all cultures, demographics and sounds of the world, right from the beginning. AM do not discriminate. Period.

Neurodiverse thinking…

AM are a neurodiverse company, meaning the artists may have neurological differences with psychological profiles such as Autism, ADHD, Schizophrenia along with individuals who may suffer with Chronic Illness and other Mental Health difficulties. The world isn’t built for a lot of these individuals, especially the entertainment industry.

What Genres?

Our artists will mainly sound like they fit in the following areas of modern contemporary music: Dance, Electronic, Bass Music, Alternative, Singer Songwriter, Folk and World Music (Reggae, Bhangra, Dancehall, Fusion). There are many sub-genres and unknown genres around these days, we’re proud to say that some of our artists are responsible for adding to the ever changing sounds of the world. One trick ponies are a thing of the past.

It’s normal to be different!

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