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About Us

Ambiel Music

Ambiel Music are a collective of artists who run the label. We all either produce the artists on the label or creatively direct the projects we release. There are many cogs that make our brand what it is. We are all deeply passionate about the music we work on and are focussed on the artistic space a modern artist needs to be truly creative.

The labels founder, Nathaniel Clarkson aka NJC has been the main brains behind the progression and development of the label over the last decade. Ambiel Music was conceived as an outlet for his many projects that in 2007 meant he had no ability to work freely without conflict. The labels ethos is to champion the difference. To give a voice to the unheard. First and foremost to progress the careers of artists who have hit a stumbling block. This stumbling block is also known as the Music Industry.

In recent years NJC has been diagnosed with Aspergers, which places him on the high functioning end of the autistic spectrum. Along with this he also suffers from ADHD and has found the music industry a completely alien environment to work in.

Ambiel Music explained

“Ambiel Music support change. We are change” says NJC. Being a multi-genre producer he has experienced every type of ego from every type of genre. The police of each genre if you like. He has ruffled the feathers of many people and has been met with hostility time and time again. Seems there are many who try to protect something that’s not their’s to protect. Nobody owns music. Nobody owns a genre. End of.

“We are all allowed to make music however we feel, if an individual chooses to move across different sounds and styles, that’s also fine. If someone doesn’t want to be forced to just be a DnB producer then so be it. We offer this freedom on the label. We reject the idea you need to conform”.

“People are free to create, distort, adapt and change anything they wish. People should be allowed to have a platform that champions diversity and difference. However, we seldom see this nowadays, it seems playing it safe is the main dish on the menu. Just because someone doesn’t understand your creative endeavours it certainly doesn’t invalidate them. Remember that creativity at it’s core is a subjective experience. If a group of people don’t ‘get it’ there will also be a group of people who do”.

Haters gonna hate, creators gonna create!

Never live out the ideals of another person. You are mugging off your true creative essence. If people cannot handle your approach or style, they are not meant to be in your space. Be brave and be different. It’s ok to be different. Trust me I know, I’ve survived being different.


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