△ Ambiel is run by Nathaniel Clarkson, aka NJC. We have been a record label since 2007 and have always been a multi-genre dance music outlet.

△ The label was started with Gordon Mulrain aka Innerheart and was mainly a platform for music produced by the duo.

△ In around 2010 NJC met music producer Nick 235, together they developed the labels roster into more styles and sounds including electronic/dance acts, various solo artists and singer songwriters.

△ Since then we scaled things down and have been releasing music from Deep N Beeper, NJC, Voodoo Browne, Onepacman.

△ We continue to support and work with creative individuals who don’t fit the mould of the traditional music space.

Demos 🔊

△ We currently only work with a small roster and we’re not looking to take any new artist projects on. However, if you wish to send us your music please use the contact form. We’re always interested in hearing other artists music 🙂

Live Music 🥁

🔊 Live music soon 📢

△ We are currently working on the live stage shows for Voodoo Browne and Deep N Beeper and will be going on the road during the winter of 2023.

🎙 Voodoo Browne will be supporting Mr B The Gentlemen Rhymer in October. More about this soon.