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Welcome to Ambiel Music

We are the worlds first neuro-diverse run record label. We are like no other and we do not follow the regular methods of working.

Being free of the control of many aspects that make the music industry what it is, means we can freely move around and work with whoever we feel has the talent. Rather than whether their fanbase is large enough or how many playlists the artist is on.

None of the above means anything. Creativity at it’s core is subjective, this means we will continue to champion the music we feel has what it takes to capture the minds of our growing audiences.

The Return Of The Big Boss

Return Of The Big Boss

The Return Of The Big Boss is the 2nd album from Macclesfield based artist The Big Boss. After a 15 year gap between writing and releasing the debut album “Good Bad But Not Evil” the process for The Return Of The Big Boss has been much shorter. Written over the last 2 years, the sound and feel has kept forward bringing The Big Boss fully up to date. Described as “Leftfield meeting Martin Garrix and kicking him about a bit” there are elements of many dance genres that make up what is an original palette that only The Big Boss paints with. You can hear The Chems, Vitalic, Daft Punk, Zero 7 and even a little bit of Sphongle and Blondie in the (re)mix.

Deep N Beeper – Guardians Of Reality (Feat. Onepacman)

The world exclusive launch of the new Deep N Beeper video is coming real soon. Featuring footage filmed of Onepacman by Jerry Tremaine whilst they navigate around parts of India. Read more and watch video >

Guardians Of Reality

Featured Video

Ambiel Music are pleased to introduce: How Di Place A Run Peppery #peppery – (From The Peppery EP, Out Now on Raider Records) #reggae #dancehall #reggaedanchall#newmuisc #uk #ja #raiderrecords #thepepperyep

Seani B's 1Xtra (feat Peppery)

Submerged – Deep N Beeper

Deep N Beeper has released a number of singles and EP‘s with Ambiel over the last 2 years. We now bring you his first studio album and it doesn’t disappoint! We are currently building this release so more on this very soon! Expected early January 2018.

We’re very passionate about this music and feel it’s a watershed moment in pushing things forward a notch further. It’s what’s needed in a musical landscape that feels very artificial these days. We cannot wait to deliver this album and we have a number of really big announcements to accompany it. Watch this space.

Deep N Beeper Interview

Deep N Beeper is explained to us by Music industry journalist Ben Hopkins. He explores the descriptive elements of how Deep presents himself.

Recent Releases

Zealous Shield

The album has been visualised by Illustrator and designer Natty Art UK aka Nathaniel Goulborne. Natty has spent over a year drawing the characters and scenes after hearing the Zealous Shield album whilst it was being produced at the Ambiel studios by NJC. Natty presented the first sketch and the guys were shook with how powerful the imagery was, so soon later Natty agreed to then finish the full story and Zealous Shield the comic was born.

Who are Ambiel Music?

Ambiel Music are a creative collective of musicians, producers and visual artists. We produce content using mixed media and work in many styles and genres in the multiverse. Read more >