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Dropping 03/03/2023 the brand new episode in the Deep Feed series of EP’s released by Deep N Beeper over the past few years. This time exploring various musical components with Sean Cocktail on the guitar duties.

Guitarist / Producer Sean Cocktail aka Romsey resident, John Plunkett can also be found playing guitar in a rock band called ‘The Bitch’. All of the band members names are food-based – Alongside band members: Phil English, Keith Lorraine, Hugh Cumber and Ray Bentos (aka Jif who has previously appeared on Deep N Beeper productions.) During his career he has played guitar with other rock bands two of which were signed with Island Records and Sony Music. He also produces music for Steve Ludwin, a guy who injects himself with snake venom. (Google if you don’t believe us! 🙂)

SC is a classical guitarist, with a 1st class degree on music from Surrey University. He reached the final stages of the 1987 Segovia International Guitar Competition and have done some sessions for Channel 4, Perfecto records (Paul Oakenfold/Grace) and Geoff Downes (Buggles/Video Killed the Radio Star). He has also performed at a BMW 3-Series launch, the party for the 100th anniversary of Cowes week, and supported Boy George, The Brand New Heavies, and Shane MacGowan and The Popes amongst many others.

Interesting Fact: He is known in his home town of Romsey for his massive beard, heavy drinking and general bad behaviour!

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BOOK: The Endless Maze

The Endless Maze by 5D Nick
From The Big Bang through the present all the way to Deep Time at the end of everything, humans and humanoid aliens are pawns in a cosmic battle between two warring super intelligences. Across time and hyperspace the battles rage, from the subtle and sublime to direct destruction. Inner space and outer, neither is safe or as solid as they may seem. 

Mind-bending hard sci-fi, The Endless Maze is 5D Nick’s debut novel.

Official Soundtrack

The official soundtrack taken from the debut book by 5D Nick – The Endless Maze

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MUSIC: The A In The Eye

Remix bundle, Animated short film & music video. Out now from all good stores.

The A In The Eye – Remix Bundle
Introducing ‘The A In The Eye’ Remix bundle featuring A.I.Ohm. Remixes from NJC / Deep N Beeper / Otherself and Nick 235. Available now exclusively from Spotify. The single is taken from the debut album ‘Escaping The Arcade’ by the arcade escapee ‘Onepacman’ – Available worldwide now.

Onepacman (5D Nick) has collaborated with the illustrator Natty Art UK to create a remarkable, cinematic animated video for its next single ‘The A In The Eye’. Almost entirely hand-drawn, the laboriously crafted comic strip sci-fi mini epic feels like a skilfully crafted yet DIY take on a mix of ‘Akira’, classic ‘2000 AD’ and the surrealist edge of Mark Gonzalez. 

Remix EP

Remixes from NJC, Deep N Beeper, Otherself, Nick 235. Expect DnB, Dubstep and Experimental vibes.

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