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DEEP N BEEPER – DEEP FEED 010 – Simulation Theory … OUT NOW 10/10 EVERYWHERE

Deep N Beeper is back, with a special installment of his DEEP FEED series. Number 10 is the first time he’s hit a power of 10 with the series and probably the last, as even his proliferism probably won’t stretch that far before he expires! But on a happier note this is the first time (for some weird reason) he’s joined by his long-time partner in audio crime DRNO1 (AKA Zookeeper on a lot of their previous collabs). The title track “Simulation Theory” is DRNO1’s brainchild where he spits reality as strong as the feeling we have about The Matrix’s splinter in our minds, bugging us. The music is a warped form of futurist hip-hop/bass music hybrid and Deep N Beeper’s usual production style is not amiss. Later on in the EP DRNO1 goes even harder into story telling mode with “Mushroom Theory”, which you have to hear to believe! “Under-G VIP (The Turing Test Remix)” is a distorted DNB remix of one of Deep N Beeper’s most classic tracks.

Also returning after killing it on DEEP FEED 008 is Sean Cocktail: 2 other techy tracks are laced with his deep, progressive, classical guitar playing, processed lovingly and trippily by himself and Deep N Beeper.

Even if 100 is never reached … a hell of a lot more genre-busting vibes are coming: keep listening to this space.

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