Voodoo Browne

Brand new music and live dates

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Voodoo Browne performing at United Festival, Finsbury Park

Voodoo Browne aka Marley Margah is a British rapper/lyricist based in the east of England. 

He started writing lyrics at ten years old and has not put the pen down since then. His lyrics are full of humour, raw wit, and freshness with a serious message at times. This combination, creates an entertaining live show where Voodoo expresses him himself as an infectious, lighthearted, fun loving rapper.

Voodoo has warmed up stages for arstists like Black Twang, Skinnyman, Rodney P, Nate James,  YT, DJ Noize (former world DMC champion) and Supernatural. The Arsonists, JD aka Dready to name a few. 

The first mixtape Kersed Verses Chapter Won received critical acclaim amongst underground HipHop heads from both the UK and further afield. He has released two albums, the first being Browne Saucery which incorporates elements of Hip-Hop, Funk, Jazz, Soul, Indie, Pop and R&B! 

The follow up album, The Ola Report produced by International HipHop producer Mackadena aka DVD Beat Company feat  collaborations with members of the LA based Hip Hop collective, Area 51 crew. Including MC Random, Crow Magnum and Th’a Quisition. Voodoos follow up mixtape was The Hextape, Spell 1 which saw Voodoo lace his enigmatic bars over classic HipHop rhythms. 

Browne has already penned a third studio album entitled Kersed Verses Chamber Dun, that will be released through UK HipHop imprint, Ambiel. To accompany this release he will also drop a free downloadable mixtape The Hexedtape Spell 2.